What is your name
where were you born
in what city
at what address

what is the last address where you lived
what district is that in
what is your civil status
are you married or have you been married
what is your religion
are you a practising member
and if so how do you practice
what is your ethnicity
what community or tribe do you belong to
have you ever used a name other than your own
did you travel alone
did someone travel with you
do you have relatives in this country
do you have relatives in the country you came from
where do those relatives live
when did you see them last
where did you see them last
have you had an education
what was your profession
what kind of work did you do
were you ever in military service
then what was your rank
what division were you with
have you ever been arrested

what was your last place of residence before you arrived here
when did you travel
how did you travel
what time did you leave
was there anyone with you that day
from where did you depart and whereto
did you travel alone
if you traveled with someone, did you pass through customs together
were you checked through
did you have to show your papers
did you have any problems with customs
where did you fly to
was there a lay-over
then where was that
did you receive any help
what kind of help did you receive
why did you leave your country
why did you come here
what do you want to accomplish here
what do you want to do here
what do you think we think of you
do you want to go back
why are you lying
why did you flee
where did you come ashore
where were you born
what was the name of your father
what was the name of your mother
your sister, your brother
what is your name


from Gifts, Milk And Things, released October 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Two Pin Din

Two Pin Din is a duo of two electric guitars that has existed for over ten years. It is Wilf Plum (ex-Dog Faced Hermans, currently in Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp) and Andy Kerr (ex-Nomeansno guitarist/singer).

In 2008, they released the 14 song album "In Case Of Fire Break Glass".

In 2014, they recorded "Gifts, Milk and Things", 4 songs with writer/singer G.W. Sok, (ex-The Ex).
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